Caskets & Urns

Treasure the special memories of your pet

Choose from one of our caskets or urns offering you the opportunity to keep the ashes at home, inter them or scatter in a favourite place.

Signature Range

Alderly Urn

Alderly Urn

Our brass urn is engraved with champagne coloured paw prints on the lid and has a sleek pewter style finish.

Earlswood Casket

Earlswood Casket

The Earlswood is a hand crafted wooden casket, which boasts a rosewood finish and brass effect inlaid paw prints and edge detail


Evergreen Range



Burford Oak Casket

Burford Oak Casket (Natural or Mahogany Finish)

Classically styled, this durable solid oak casket is decorated with carved, rounded edges and is supplied with an engraved nameplate.

Tribute Box

Photo Tribute Box

This beautiful solid oak casket gives you the ability to place a photograph in its framed lid. The ashes are kept inside a satin bag.

Sleeping Cat Casket

Sleeping Cat Casket

Our Sleeping Cat Casket is a poignant choice for our feline friends.




Traditional Range

Traditional Casket

Traditional Casket

This natural wood casket has simple edging and is supplied with an engraved nameplate.

Bluebell Scattering Tube

Pet Stairway Scatter Tube

The Scattering Tube is a simple, biodegradable container which will hold the ashes of your pet until scattering.



We are here to help you select the right casket or urn for your pet’s ashes. Please contact us for advice.

Every effort is taken to show the exact product at the time of publication. Product images shown are for illustration purposes only and products may vary in style, colour, texture or material. The crematorium reserves the right to change product specifications and product descriptions at any time without notice. Every paw print is unique, and no two are ever the same.

All Precious Paw Imprints are handmade and taken with great care and compassion, but please know that there may be some naturally unique variations, imperfections and textures that beautifully capture the one-of-a-kind impression of your beloved pet's paw.