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Click on the memorials below to see the tributes made in loving memory of the pets who are no longer with us and are greatly missed by our clients...

Barney the Dog

Barney - Loved by Michael Bailey

Dog - aged 10

Passed 11/01/2018

Mindy the Dog

Mindy - Loved by Kate Muirhead

Dog - aged 11

Passed 30/12/2017

Phoebe the Dog

Phoebe - Loved by Paris Hunt

Dog - aged 13

Passed 15/01/2018

Ella the Sheep

Ella - Loved by Irene Johnson

Sheep - aged 8

Passed 07/01/2018

Taz the Dog

Taz - Loved by Paula Hodgson

Dog - aged 12

Passed 05/01/2018

Sheba the Dog

Sheba - Loved by Teresa Mather

Dog - aged 11

Passed 10/01/2018

Molly the Dog

Molly - Loved by Andrea Chubb

Dog - aged 14

Passed 05/09/2017

Floyd the Dog

Floyd - Loved by Deborah J Sedgley

Dog - aged 9

Passed 07/01/2018

Alfie  Doo the Dog

Alfie Doo - Loved by Deborah J Sedgley

Dog - aged 9

Passed 24/07/2017

Ruby Lounton the Dog

Ruby Lounton - Loved by stephen lounton

Dog - aged 15

Passed 06/01/2018

Benjy the Dog

Benjy - Loved by Samantha Gaddi

Dog - aged 15

Passed 09/01/2017

Gunner Warbeck the Dog

Gunner Warbeck - Loved by Stephanie A Warbeck

Dog - aged 5

Passed 05/01/2018

  • Can I say how moved we were at the presentation of our pet's ashes returned to us a week ago. How very moving and such a lovely casket. Bobby spent a lot of great holidays with us over his 14 years on the beach at Seahouses. We are going to lay his ashes somewhere there when we go again in August. Once again thank you so much.

  • When I lost Billy I was devastated. Thank you Pet Crematorium for helping to ease the pain and providing such a brilliant service.

  • Thank you all for taking care of our baby Thomas.  You have a lovely place and the rooms are beautiful.  We felt you really cared and especially the lad who dealt with us so caring and professionally.

  • Thank you so much for looking after our precious little girl Dotty. Such a beautiful place to say our goodbyes and with such lovely people who care. x ”

  • Thank you for looking after Charmer.  Needless to say the thought of his last moments with you have given me peace and I know that he was treat like a King right until the end.