We are proud to provide a safe, secure and trustworthy pet cremation service.

To provide pet owners and their families with the ultimate peace of mind, we adhere to Pet Cremation with Confidence™ standards. This means we follow a stringent individual cremation process.

Our individual cremation process is designed to:

  • Treat your beloved pet with respect and dignity
  • Provide a system of verification and quality checks
  • Ensure that the cremated remains returned to you are exclusively those of your beloved pet
  • Offer you and your family the opportunity to celebrate the life of your beloved pet before or after the cremation

Pet Cremation with Confidence™ provides a pledge that each pet received for individual cremation is subject to eight strict control checks when in our care. If you have questions about any of these checks, please ask us.

Pet Cremation with ConfidencePet Cremation with Confidence

 Our 8 Assurance Checks

  1. Tracking system
    To ensure that your beloved pet remains safe and secure throughout the cremation process, we use an unique identification number for each pet, which can be found on the identification form. This unique identification number remains with your pet through the entire cremation process ensuring reliable identification and complete traceability.
  2. Transfer of care
    If your pet is to be collected from your veterinary practice, our representative will verify that the pet is accompanied by an identification form completed by your vet. Our representative will also check the pet’s details are recorded on the collection paperwork. If your pet is to be collected from your home or you choose to bring your pet to the crematorium for individual cremation, our representative will complete the identification form.
  3. Final farewell
    By prior appointment, you may wish to attend the cremation of your pet to say your final goodbye. Many pet owners find this comforting and it enables the private identification before the cremation. If you desire, you can wait until the cremation is finished and take your pet’s ashes home with you on the day.
  4. Details during the cremation
    The date/ time of the cremation and chamber number are logged. Your pet's identification record is placed on the outside of the cremation chamber during the cremation process.
  5. Safeguarding the remains
    When the cremation is complete the remains are retrieved and cremulated into ash. 
  6. Preparing of the ashes
    The pet's ashes are examined before being placed into your chosen casket or urn and the identification form is carefully checked before the sympathy card is completed certifying the individual cremation. 
  7. Final check
    A final check of the presented ashes is conducted against the identification form prior to their return. The identification form is then stored into our records.
  8. Returning of your pet's ashes
    If your pet’s ashes are to be returned back to your veterinary practice our representative will document the return at the time of delivery. Alternatively you may wish to arrange to collect your pet's ashes from the crematorium where you can spend a few moments privately, in quiet reflection.



Please click on the links below to download the full documents:

Pet Cremation with Confidence

Pet Cremation with Confidence

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Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Pet Crematorium



  • Can I say how moved we were at the presentation of our pet's ashes returned to us a week ago. How very moving and such a lovely casket. Bobby spent a lot of great holidays with us over his 14 years on the beach at Seahouses. We are going to lay his ashes somewhere there when we go again in August. Once again thank you so much.

  • When I lost Billy I was devastated. Thank you Pet Crematorium for helping to ease the pain and providing such a brilliant service.

  • Thank you all for taking care of our baby Thomas.  You have a lovely place and the rooms are beautiful.  We felt you really cared and especially the lad who dealt with us so caring and professionally.

  • Thank you so much for looking after our precious little girl Dotty. Such a beautiful place to say our goodbyes and with such lovely people who care. x ”

  • Thank you for looking after Charmer.  Needless to say the thought of his last moments with you have given me peace and I know that he was treat like a King right until the end.